Cascade Aircraft Management

Cascade Aircraft Management (CAM) is the only builder assistance facility approved by Lancair as a Gold Builder. Cascade Aircraft Management experience results in operational efficiencies and superior built aircraft within our managed program, industry-leading program offerings, faster completion times and focus on safety. It is our authentic aviation heritage and complete portfolio of aviation solutions that clearly set us apart from other facilities.

Cascade Aircraft Management is the most trusted name in the construction of  experimental aircraft. Our extensive experience with Lancair and other aircraft kit manufactures allows us to get your aircraft off the ground and flying on time, on budget with a focus on quality and safety. We help you every step of the way and are committed to getting the job done to perfection.

We offer design consultation, extensive research and design, integration of systems and back it all with an industry first: 3yr warranty. We work closely with each and every owner to ensure that his or her aircraft is customized to their individual taste, and that a safe and dependable aircraft leaves our facility. Our role in the construction process is to provide state of the art facilities, equipment, expert advice, and a portion of the actual construction labor. This allows the owner to complete the 51% required for experimental aircraft and know that their aircraft will be of the highest quality and safe.