Evolution ie2 Lycoming

For those that prefer a piston engine, Lancair offers the latest in piston aircraft engines, the Lycoming TEO-540 “iE2” electronically controlled 350 hp engine.This engine is a truly unique, offering that incorporates dual engine management computers, electronic prop and boost controls, single lever operation, and a 2000hr TBO. The aircraft boasts an impressive 250KTAS max cruise.

The two Evolution models are identical from the firewall aft. Lancair COO Tom Bowen explains: “ The basic Evolution airframe package costs $495,000 to build, excluding paint, interior and a few other items. Then, you have a choice between a $115,000 Lycoming piston engine or a $445,000 Pratt & Whitney turbine mill. Add $32,000 for the prop and $84,000 for all hoses, baffling, engine exhaust, tubing, wiring and hardware, and the cost for a fully completed, painted Evolution with a leather interior will be approximately $930,000 for the piston model, $1,300,000 for the turboprop. Hourly operating costs also should be dramatically less costly with the avgas model.